See All Open Sight by Oversight Shooting Technologies


See All Open Sight by Oversight Shooting Technologies

On one of the last aisles I walked at the 2015 SHOT Show, I ran across a fellow holding a gun with a compact, tough-looking sight. It looked unique and rugged, and the sight picture was not your typical image, either. So I stopped to take a look at the See All Open Sight.

I was impressed–cautiously. I’m almost always cautious. I know it drives some folks a bit batty, but that’s who I am. Nevertheless, I liked how the sight looked when I raised and aimed the demo rifle.

I spent the first 20 years of my deer hunting “career” without using a scope. I toted a Ruger 44 magnum carbine with a Williams peep sight and took many deer, hogs, and small game (head shots) with it. Once I began hunting where I could take longer shots and needed to be more discerning about things like antler size, I started hunting with scopes, but I have never stopped loving a good open sight. They are typically fast, compact, and more robust than scopes.

Anyhow, that’s one reason this sight interested me.

I spoke for several minutes with Lance Leavitt, one of two brothers manning the booth. The sight is simple when it comes to using it, and it provides a very distinctive sight picture. Line up the top of the triangle with the top edge of the sight as seen in the picture above, and your point of impact should be right at the tip-top of that triangle.

See All Open Sight
See All Open Sight. (Photo: Oversight Shooting Technologies LLC)

The See All sight mounts easily. Slide it into a Weaver-type scope base or picatinny rail, dog down the two set screws (which bind against the top surface of base or rail), and you’re done. Just make sure the rail/base is aligned with your gun’s bore. Some┬ábases have slop in the mounting holes that allow them to be mounted crooked. Naturally, you want the base and the See All to be as parallel with the bore as you can get it.

Elevation and windage adjustments are easy, and two allen (hex) wrenches are included for mounting and adjustment.

See All Open Sight on a Shotgun
(Photo: Oversight See All Open Sight on a Shotgun. Shooting Technologies LLC)

My first impression was that I would love to try it on a shotgun for hunting turkeys, but I can also picture all kinds of plinking fun with this sight on a 22 rifle. Lance’s favorite application is on a handgun, and when he handed me a pistol to aim, I had an “aha moment.” I raised the gun and aimed it–and realized that both of my eyes were open.

That doesn’t happen for me, not before the See All, anyhow. Even shotgunning, I do better when I close or squint my left eye. But the See All might change that. I’m really looking forward to getting one mounted and trying it out on the range.

The sight radius is so short (about two inches) that the skeptic in me still balks. But there are plenty of testimonials on their website, and all those folks can’t be wrong. I’m a fan and will certainly be trying a See All sight in the near future.

See All Open Sight is 100% Made in USA, has a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee, and offers free lifetime repair or replacement if materials of workmanship fail (original owner).

And for muzzleloaders, the See All is legal anywhere fiber optic sights can be used.

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