Unique Target Holders by Downrange Fabrications, Inc


Unique Target Holders by Downrange Fabrications, Inc

You never know what you’re going to run across at the SHOT Show Range Day, and I thought the stuff by Downrange Fabrications was pretty cool. The first thing I noticed about their display was that they had a LOT of clay pigeons clipped to their steel target-holding frames, so I stopped to take a closer look.

Turns out, they have created a cool little item, which they simply call a Pigeon Hanger. It’s a simple strip of steel that can be used quite a few different ways to hang clay targets. They work on all brands of clays, no matter how thick, and the way you use them is only limited by your imagination and available materials.

One end is formed to grip the edge of a clay target, and the other can be bent any way you wish. Stick them through a box, hang them from a tree limb or nail, dangle them from a rope. It’s pretty cool.

Clay Pigeon Hangers by Downrange Fabrications
Clay Pigeon Hangers by Downrange Fabrications. (Photo: Downrange Fabrications)

Pigeon Hangers are available in various quantities from 10 to 100 and cost 50 to 60 cents apiece.

They also make Target Tripods, steel items meant to grab and hold target backers of corrugated plastic or cardboard. Points where parts are connected are protected from bullet damage by angle-iron guards.

Also available are collapsible corrugated plastic backers, along with parts and accessories for their target stands.

They seemed like nice guys too, and that always helps. Check out their stuff on the Downrange Fab website.


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