New Magpul AK Furniture Released at the 2015 SHOT Show


New Magpul AK Furniture Released at the 2015 SHOT Show

Fans of AK rifles and Magpul furniture have a reason to be happy as the company released their new products for AK rifles at the 2015 SHOT Show.

The line includes a steel-reinforced polymer AK mag, two different stock sets (one of which has an AKM variant), two different handguards, and a pistol grip.

The Zhukov-S folding AK stock is a right side folder for stamped AK’s that allows firing from the folded position.

The Zhukov Hand Guard is an extruded and machined anodized aluminum chassis with polymer handguards. Both the Zhukov stock and handguard have a MSRP of $99.95.

The AK MOE Stock is a fixed triangle stock for stamped rifles. The MSRP is $59.95.

The AK MOE Hand Guards include M-Lok slots, are compatible with the Ultimak rail system, and include a stainless steel heat shield and upper hand guard/gas tube cover. The MOE AK version fits rifles without a sling loop retainer on the handguard while the AKM version fits rifles with a sling loop retainer. MSRP is $36.95 for either version.

The MOE AK Grip is for the AK or AK74 type rifles and has a MSRP of

The AK line is rounded out with the PMAG30 AK/AKM GEN M3 -7.62×39 Steel Reinforced AK Magazine. This has a MSRP of $26.95

Watch the video shot at the Magpul booth at the 2015 SHOT Show for more info on these new products.

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