A Look at Ruger’s Lightweight Commander SR1911 Pistol


A Look at Ruger’s Lightweight Commander SR1911 Pistol

The Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander pistol was announced by the company early in January, and for most of us, our first chance to handle the pistol was at the recently concluded 2015 SHOT Show.

The SR1911 Lightweight Commander is the third pistol in Ruger’s 1911 lineup. The first was the full-size SR1911 that premiered in 2011 and was followed by the all-steel SR1911 Commander in 2013.

The new pistol is designed for carry with a weight of 29.3 ounces (with an empty magazine). This is a savings of about seven ounces off the all-steel Commander and about 10 ounces off the full-size 5″ barreled gun.

I was able to put a couple mags through the SR1911 Lightweight Commander at the 2015 SHOT Show Industry Day on the Range. It was just a taste, but it was enough to know that I want to get my hands on one to try it more.

For more info, watch a Ruger rep go over the features of the pistol in the video.

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