QuikCamo – Hunting Face Masks Integrated Into Caps


QuikCamo – Hunting Face Masks Integrated Into Caps

One of the best things about the SHOT Show is that it puts the “little guys” in the same room as (and sometimes fairly close to) large manufacturers and well-known names in the hunting and shooting world. It’s a great place for a new company to get a leg up.

While walking the aisles, a bit bleary-eyed from seeing so much stuff and dodging so many other folks, I ran across an outgoing young guy demonstrating a product on the edge of a larger display.

“Want to video me?” he asked brightly, observing the “press” ribbon hanging from my badge holder. I had to stop and see what he had to offer.

What he had was a simple product, but it looked like a good one–and maybe unique.

QuikCamo offers baseball-style caps with built-in face masks attached to either the front or rear of the cap.

Attached to the front, no big deal, but attached to the back of the cap? That may appeal to many hunters who find their cap’s bill getting in the way of their bow or scope.

I love the shade that a cap’s bill provides. I rarely wear a cap backwards, but I know that many others do, and this should appeal to them.

They’re available in many camo patterns, and are listed as “one size fits most.” A buckle strap in the rear allows for size adjustment. They even have ghillie caps with 3-D leafy camo.

Besides the obvious benefits of hiding your face from critters, QuikCamo mask caps use Scent Bandit™ anti-microbial technology, offer UV protection, and they say it’s also quick-drying and breathable.

Hats or caps with built-in camouflage face masks aren’t revolutionary, but these look to be of good quality, and Doug seemed like a hard-working guy with a good product. Sometimes that counts for a lot. And no, I didn’t get any free QuikCamos for writing this.


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