Boca Shield Shotgun and Rifle Covers


Boca Shield Shotgun and Rifle Covers

At the 2015 SHOT Show, I passed by a booth displaying Boca Shield camouflage neoprene covers for rifles and shotguns. It reminded me of the covers I used to see ads for all the time in hunting magazines. And it got me to thinking.

First of all, how many hunters think our guns need to be camouflaged? I have shot dozens of deer, a fair number of hogs, and a few turkeys with rifles and shotguns that didn’t have a hint of camouflage. But several years ago, I did add camouflage to one of my hunting guns.

Boca Shield on a Semi-Auto Shotgun
Boca Shield on a Semi-Auto Shotgun. (Photo: Boca Shield)

It was a muzzleloader with a large stainless steel barrel and factory camouflage stock, and every time I moved it while in a tree stand, I felt like I was waving a light saber (but without the cool sound effects) because that light-colored barrel really stood out. I stuck some camo duct tape on that gun’s barrel and have taken a few deer with it. I’m not sure the camouflage has helped, but it makes me feel better.

And many times, that’s all that camo does for us, especially when we hunker in blinds and shooting houses where the deer can’t even see our bodies. But if we do it right, they do get exposed to our guns. And for turkey hunting, every little bit helps. I hunt turkeys with Dad’s old 1930s Browning over/under, which is priceless for sentimental reasons, so maybe I should get a Boca Shield for it.

The tape I used isn’t the best choice for most applications, especially blued guns, because it will very likely damage the original finish if left on long enough and it will certainly leave sticky residue if I ever remove it.

If you’re interested in covering your rifle, shotgun, or both, Boca Shield looks like a viable choice. They currently offer five products:

  • Rifle Barrel Cover
  • Bolt Action Stock Cover
  • Compact/Youth Rifle Stock Cover
  • Auto Shotgun/BAR Cover
  • Over/Under Shotgun Cover

All are made with neoprene, which can stretch and conform, and neoprene is usually thick enough to offer protection from scratches and dents. They say the interior of the neoprene clings to your gun well enough to prevent slipping, but doesn’t actually adhere so it won’t leave residue if removed.

Heck, they’ve even added shell and cartridge loops to the right side of the butt portion on their rifle and shotgun covers, so you can easily tote spare ammo in the field.

I’m still not sure I need to cover my guns, but this is about the best choice I’ve seen. And even if you don’t think you need the camo, a Boca Shield will probably feel a lot nicer on your cold hands when the weather gets frosty–and the rifle and barrel covers are available in black.

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