The New Troy Landry Signature Series Rifles from Savage


The New Troy Landry Signature Series Rifles from Savage

If you’re a fan of History’s Swamp People TV show, you may have noticed that Troy Landry and his nephew were using a new rifle on the season premiere. It was short and stumpy and had a gator-skin look to the stock.

Well, that’s one of the new Savage Troy Landry Signature Series rifles.

Now before I go any further, I have to get something off my chest: Swamp People is one of the worst shows ever  when it comes to accurately depicting firearms. I have seen three or more completely different rifles shown during one “action scene” in which only one gun was used–and the current season is not immune. On the premiere, I noticed the muzzle of a blued barrel with hooded front sight shown making a shot that supposedly came from Junior’s stainless steel (non-Savage) rifle.

For Savage’s sake, let’s hope they do a little better job of showing the new guns since their branding is after all based on this show.

Back to the new guns: the Troy Landry Signature Series are three rimfire rifles of different models. All have a camo-dipped stock with a neat-looking alligator camouflage pattern, plus a Troy Landry signature and “Choot ‘Em” logo. All have Savage’s AccuTrigger, as well.

The Savage press material is shy on details, and only two of the new Landry guns are currently listed on the Savage website. I’ll report the information I have.

The Landry Rascal is a single-shot 22 with factory peep sight.
The Landry Rascal is a single-shot 22 with factory peep sight. (Photo: Savage)

The Landry Rascal is the most affordable of the these rifles. It’s a compact right-handed single-shot bolt action 22 LR (long rifle) rifle with a satin blued finish on the steel and gator camo synthetic stock with sling studs. Perhaps best of all, it has a factory peep sight. A peep is the very best kind of open sight I’ve used. They are accurate and extremely fast. They are also easy for a beginning shooter to learn on, and that’s really the niche of most single-shot 22 rifles.

Stats on the Landry Rascal Web page show an item number of 13617, barrel length 16″, overall length 31.5″, weight 2.66 pounds, and of course an ammo capacity of one (just the chamber).

MSRP varies greatly between the Landry Signature Series press release and the website; the press release calls for an MSRP of $168, but the site lists it at a whopping $233.

Savage makes Troy Landry Signature Series rifles like this 22 magnum 93 FV-SR.
Savage makes Troy Landry Signature Series rifles like this 22 magnum 93 FV-SR. (Photo: Savage)

The 93 FV-SR Landry is a harder-hitting model, more suitable for slaying gators. Still compact, this bolt action magazine-fed rifle is chambered for 22 WMR (Winchester magnum rimfire) and has a handy 16.5″ barrel. The barrel appears to have a thread protector on the end, so I’ll assume it is threaded for aftermarket suppressors.

This gun has an AccuTrigger, a detachable five-round steel box magazine, matte blue finish with alligator camo stock (with sling studs), and a right-handed bolt with a fairly large bolt handle. Barrel is listed at 16.5″, overall length 35.25″, weight 5.5 pounds.

That weight will increase before it’s over, though. This rifle has no sights, so you’ll have to add some kind of sight or scope to the included Weaver/picatinnny rail.

MSRPs are again different, with the press release listing it at $306 and the website calling for a much higher price of $424.

The Landry Mark II probably looks like this - but with matte blued steel and a gator stock.
The Landry Mark II probably looks like this – but with matte blued steel and a gator stock. (Photo: Savage)

Finally, there’s the Landry Mark II. This one isn’t listed on the website yet, so I don’t have much to go on. If I were to ASSume that it will follow the same trend as the 93, I’d expect it to essentially be the Mark II FV-SR with matte blued steel and a gator-camo signature stock instead of the plain black plastic stock.

If that turns out to be the case, the specs will be almost identical to the 93 above, but chambered for 22 LR. The press release says this new model is item 28717 and lists an MSRP of $244, but the non-Signature one is listed on the website for $284. Certainly the Landry model will be more expensive.

Will I be running out to buy one of these rifles? Probably not, but I do like them. The short barrels make them very handy, and the gator camo looks good on the stocks. Savage makes accurate rifles, too.

And who doesn’t love Troy Landry? I’ve had a few encounters with him and his offspring, and they really are good, down-to-earth people. Who better to name a rifle for?

Choot ’em!

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