Bang! Beautiful Bloomin’ Bullet Bouquets


Bang! Beautiful Bloomin’ Bullet Bouquets

Wow. Cool stuff here! Flower-like arrangements made with expanded bullets that resemble flowers, artistically arranged and good-looking.

The Bullet Bouquets story is short and sweet, as presented on their website: Dude saw a similar idea on Reddit one Friday, along with a slew of folks saying they would happily buy one, so he spent a long weekend building Bullet Bouquet fixtures, prototypes, website, social media presence, and marketing campaign. Three days later, there it was.

Here’s a quote from business owner Anthony Zambai:

Sometimes you do something just a little crazy, right?  Well this is my crazy little venture.  It involves 3 of the things I love, art, shooting, and tinkering.

The 3-bloom flower pot - about 4" tall, with a pot 1.75" diameter and 2" high, retails for $24.95.
The 3-bloom flower pot – about 4″ tall, with a pot 1.75″ diameter and 2″ high, retails for $24.95. (Photo: Bullet Bouquets)

The “flowers” are expanded bullets–sure-nuff bullets with lead cores and copper jackets–soldered to copper “stems” that can be bent into most any position. There are always concerns about lead poisoning, which have been allayed somewhat by clear-coating the bullets. This will minimize or eliminate lead transfer, as well as preventing corrosion of the nice bright metals.

Naturally, he recommends washing your hands after handling them and keeping them away from anyone who might put them in their mouths (kids, pets, weird friends).

They sell "blooms" (bullets) in 3-packs, size large (3/4" to 7/8") or small (1/2" to 5/8") diameters.
They sell “blooms” (bullets) in 3-packs, size large (3/4″ to 7/8″) or small (1/2″ to 5/8″) diameters. (Photo: Bullet Bouquets)

You can buy ready-made arrangements or just bullets, which they call “blooms,” to use in your own crafting or art projects. Available bullet calibers include 380 ACP, 9mm Luger, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. 380 and 9mm are “small,” 40 and 45 are considered “large.”

They also offer discounted prices on certain multi-packs, such as a 4-pack of 3-bloom vases for $91.95.

Multiple bullet bloom arrangements can be bought at a discount.
Multiple bullet bloom arrangements can be bought at a discount. (Photo: Bullet Bouquets)

The “soil” in the pots are empty brass cases, size 22 LR rimfire.

Each arrangement has a variety of calibers, with at least one large bullet bloom per pot.

Pretty cool, huh?

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