The Second Scoop: Ammo Ban Update- Dems’ full 5.56 ban, #ImUnloading Snoop+Liam, Logan’s Hero


The Second Scoop: Ammo Ban Update- Dems’ full 5.56 ban, #ImUnloading Snoop+Liam, Logan’s Hero

[Editor’s note: Chris Cheng is a Staff Writer over at our sister blog, Cheng is an occasional guest writer for us here at AO.]

Hi AO Readers,

I’m excited to start providing weekly updates here on AO regarding my weekly Second Amendment gun news show, The Second Scoop. It’s the type of show for busy people who don’t have time to watch a long multi-hour news program. I aim to keep my weekly segments to five minutes, but if it’s a busy week, then I’ll go over. The Second Scoop covers the top gun news stories of the week so you can stay on top of what everyone’s talking about.

New episodes come out every Tuesday on YouTube and will soon be launching on Carbon TV in April.

Now to this week’s content:

1. While we won the ATF battle, the war still rages on with the Dems having proposed a full 5.56 ammo ban.

2. The pro-gun #ImUnloading takeover campaign ends its first week, and the response has been great!

3. Hypocracy is high with anti-gunners Snoop Dogg and Liam Neeson running their mouths about how guns are bad when they’ve made millions promoting gun violence in their “art.”

4. Each week covers a successful self-defensive use of a firearm in a segment called A Good Guy (or Gal) with a Gun. This week is about a man who defended himself in his home with an M1 Carbine and a 30 round mag.

5. Chris Cheng’s Video Pick of the Week: Logan’s Hero- Brian Aitken is a New Jersey man who has never seen his seven year old son since he was wrongfully imprisoned for a firearms charge. He’s asking for our help to raise money so he can cover legal fees and meet his son for the first time.

Check out the show here:

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Chris Cheng is History Channel's Top Shot Season 4 Champion. He is a Staff Writer for The Firearm Blog. Chris is a 3-gun competitor, hunter, musician, and foodie.

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