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Global overpopulation would ‘withstand war, disasters and disease’ : A good followup to this post on population and doomsday scenarios. Behold:

We were surprised that a five-year WW3 scenario, mimicking the same proportion of people killed in the first and second world wars combined, barely registered a blip on the human population trajectory this century,” said Prof Barry Brook, who co-led the study at the University of Adelaide, in Australia.

Using a computer model based on demographic data from the World Health Organisation and the US Census Bureau, the researchers investigated different population reduction scenarios. They found that under current conditions of fertility, mortality and mother’s average age at first childbirth, global population was likely to grow from 7 billion in 2013 to 10.4 billion by 2100.

Climate change, war, reduced mortality and fertility, and increased maternal age altered this prediction only slightly. A devastating global pandemic that killed 2 billion people was only projected to reduce population size to 8.4 billion, while 6 billion deaths brought it down to 5.1 billion.

Yep. The Walking Dead is not gonna happen, ever.

Why You Should Abandon the AR-15: This post generated much hate for obvious reasons. Still, it did make me think about my own investment in the AR platform. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to take the author’s recommendation and go AK-47, but maybe the SCAR-H? The FAL?

VIDEO: Girandoni air rifle as used by Lewis and Clark. A National Firearms Museum Treasure Gun

Forget about the AR vs AK debate. The best SHTF rifle is could well be an airgun. Hey, it worked for Lewis and Clark.

Congress Launches Hearing On Obama Plot To Choke Off Gun Companies: Filed under “about time”.

Guns, gangs, and the Glawk 40: A primer on street gangs and how they get arms: One of the best links of the past week. Read and learn.

Faro Adapter Opens Stock Options on SCAR: Speaking of the SCAR (above), this is awesome.

Study Concludes When Civilization Will End, And It’s Not Looking Good for Us: Many of you will hate this link. But for those who don’t, there it is.

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