Bored Criminals Find Excitement via Armed Homeowner


Bored Criminals Find Excitement via Armed Homeowner

Marshall County, OK – Four bored baddies reportedly decided to look for excitement by invading a secluded home–and they found it.

Husband and wife Eddie and Cindy Gilmore were calmly watching TV when they heard a loud noise behind them. They were swiftly pounced upon by three masked, armed criminals, who shouted demands for the couple to get down.

One miscreant grabbed Cindy, put a gun against her head, and took her to a back room. While Eddie began to comply with the order to get down, he did so next to a small table, where he had a handgun in a drawer. Concealing his action with his arm, he opened the drawer and opened fire.

In spite of the new report claiming Mr. Gilmore “started shooting in every direction he could,” which suggests a spray-and-pray approach, the fact that he hit two of the bad guys suggest otherwise. Fortunately, the three jerks elected to flee rather than fight.

Police later determined there were four suspects in the crime, and had reportedly jailed three of them when the news story was aired. Two males and one female were in custody, with one male still at large.

According to the criminals, they’d been out in the woods shooting their guns and jonesing for a robbery. They apparently selected the Gilmores’ home because it was secluded.

Eddie Gilmore, who will not be charged with any crime, had reloads in his gun, and some of them failed in this critical time. “I had some re-loads in this one gun and they mis-fired… next time they won’t misfire.”

I take that to mean he’ll use factory loads in the future, and maybe he’ll start keeping his gun a little more handy from now on.

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