Motion Turkey Decoys Are King


Almost any decoy that moves in a lifelike fashion is more likely to draw game closer than a motionless decoy. From geese and ducks, to deer, antelope, and turkeys, a decoy with a little shake, shimmy, wiggle, and wobble is the one most likely to get attention from wild critters and bring them close.

The important key to turkey decoy motion is that it’s subtle and SILENT. A lightweight foam decoy that softly shudders or turns a bit in a breeze is a sucker punch to many toms. But if the same foam deke spins like a top in a wind gust, it’s sure to spook a turkey out of its primary feathers.

Some turkey decoys are mechanical in nature, powered by batteries and levers, even springs and coiled plastic. All of them can work, but movement MUST be natural, and there should be NO sound from a mechanical device.

With turkey decoy motion, a little goes a long way, and it can be deadly effective. A great case in point is the remarkable Mojo “Shake-N-Jake,” which arguably is the most realistic turkey a hunter can use short of using a live decoy.

This full-body decoy is a dead ringer for a real live jake turkey, and it pulls in even the wisest and most reluctant of long-beard gobblers.

Caution using this decoy must be used, simply because it is so lifelike, another hunter may mistake it for the real thing. For this reason gunners are advised not to use the “Shake-N-Jake” on public land–only on private property where safety is paramount.



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