Virtual President Gun Control Video: Best 7 Minutes Ever on GC?


Virtual President Gun Control Video: Best 7 Minutes Ever on GC?

Somehow, I’d missed this guy. Bill Whittle, that is. A man who has created a unique approach to communicating conservative principles–TRUE conservative principles–through well-spoken oratory in videos made as if he were indeed President of the United States. He calls himself the Virtual President.

If only we could have a President with these true core values, the guts to say the things he says, and the spine to stand up and tell it like it is… Well, I think the USA would be a better place.

Please take a few minutes to listen to what he says about guns and con control in this video he posted in early 2013. Some call it the best 7 minutes ever on the subject of gun control.

If you agree, please share it with your friends.

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