Video: Brazilian Bad Guys Break Into the Wrong Garage


Video: Brazilian Bad Guys Break Into the Wrong Garage

At the core, most people want the same things: to feel safe from violence and to keep the things for which we have worked.

When armed criminals boldly approach with bad intent, we need to be able to arm ourselves quickly and use whatever weapon we have effectively and without hesitation.

The would-be victim in this video (below) does exactly that.

He must have known that this type of crime was possible (perhaps even likely), because after pulling into his garage and parking, he and his passenger stayed in the car while waiting for the garage door to close fully.

Then, someone stops the garage door. At least two bad guys linger near the doorway while one approaches the driver’s car door, pistol in hand. Imagine his surprise when the door opens and the driver greets him with a hail of lead!

Naturally, the crook ran away, along with his cohorts.

The driver kept firing as he pursued the baddies, and something tells me they won’t be messing with him anymore. Especially since the one who approached the vehicle reportedly died from his gunshot wounds.

Kudos to the driver, who successfully defended himself by staying situationally aware and keeping his gun handy–and using it when he had to.

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