For Close-Range Shooting, Assume the High Ready Position


For Close-Range Shooting, Assume the High Ready Position

I had my first concealed carry epiphany several years ago. I was in an off downtown area of the city in a high traffic area at a gas station just off a main travel artery. As I was pulling the gas pump handle out of the tank cap of my vehicle and turned around to hook it back up to the pump, I bumped into a disheveled man that had crept up behind me. I mean nearly touching me.

I instinctively stuck out my arms and shoved the guy away and chewed him out for coming up on somebody like that. Later it occurred to me, what if he had had a knife or gun and was intent on robbing me? I was not prepared. And even if I had had a concealed gun would I have been ready to effect the High Ready shooting position needed for really close quarter’s encounters?

Laughingly I describe the High Ready as shooting from the armpit, but viewing this hold position it appears much like that. We are talking about executing a pistol shot from a range of 1-3 feet away, maybe even somebody touching right up against you.

The High Ready is a close-range technique for shooting your pistol held high up against your body with the pistol right against your upper chest side. You shooting arm is bent at the elbow to pull the gun in tight. The gun needs to be held about a full hand’s width from your chin or cheek. It has to be held down below your peripheral line of sight, so you can see around you.

The hard part is practicing this hold and shooting position trying to keep the gun’s muzzle square horizontal with the ground. It has to be shoot straight from this retracted position. This takes a lot of practice and getting used to a gun going off to close to your ears, eyes, and face.

Try the High Ready position by dry firing, then when ready, post up a human form target and try some shots from near point blank range. It takes some getting used to, but might save your life.

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