Carry Survival Gear in ATV Gear Boxes


Carry Survival Gear in ATV Gear Boxes

An add-on gear box to the rear rack of an ATV can be highly useful. Whether you use an ATV or UTV for hunting, recreational four-wheeler riding, trail trips, or just working on a farm or ranch, having a supplemental gear box can be a really great idea.

ATVs universally come with both a front and a rear rack to strap down various kinds of gear. Hunters can lash their rifle, backpack, rain gear, an extra coat, or other supplies needed for a day in the field hunting or camping. Likewise these racks make a great platform for using elastic straps to secure other types of gear, tools, materials, and supplies.

The main problem with just carrying gear on an open ATV rack is protection from the elements. Naturally, you can cover anything with a waterproof tarp or sheet of plastic material to shed rain, snow, or even dust.

The better alternative is to add a self-contained gear box on either rack or both. In my case I added a box on the rear rack that still permitted the front rack for carrying odd sized gear or supplies, building materials, a chainsaw, weed eater, or other related equipment for work around hunting stands, food plots, or a farm or ranch.

There are many such ATV boxes available on the market and can be easily attached directly to the rack via a mounting bracket or even by using a lock down ratchet strap. These boxes most often come with a hinged top that will protect the supplies and tools kept inside from rain and dust. Many of these boxes can also be locked with a padlock, though mine is secured tight with a universal buckle strap.

What is stored in my ATV box? I keep in my box a heavy duty nylon tow strap, two or three types of fold out saws, a hatchet, 2-3 pairs of gloves, a can of insect repellent, a roll of TP, a small machete, a roll of nylon rope, and a loop-end cable and padlock for locking the ATV up at the cabin or in the field. I might also toss in a couple bottles of water and maybe a lunch if I think I will be out in the field a while. I will also include specific seasonal hunting gear as needed.

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