Large Gun Collection Theft Yields Valuable Lessons for Us All


Large Gun Collection Theft Yields Valuable Lessons for Us All

From Facebook and the Primary & Secondary Shooters forum group comes as depressing a tale as you’re likely to read today. Forum member Matt James came home to find his apartment broken into and many tens of thousands of guns and optics and accessories missing from his Liberty Revere 23.

Three things are of interest here, apart from the “OMG that’s devastating” angle. First is that there were no signs of forced entry into the safe; they just cracked it right open. Is there something that criminals know about this model of Liberty that the rest of us should get clued in on? If you know anything about how this might have been done, please sound off in the comments.

[Edit: Some good comments in the discussion thread below suggest that on the first break-in (they broke in and cased the place first) the thieves probably installed a small camera to capture his safe combo. This seems the most plausible to me, unless of course they were using one of the tricks demonstrated in one of the YouTube videos posted in the comments thread.]

The other thing that was a wakeup call for me is that, at least according to comments by Mr. James, State Farm only covers up to $2,500 in firearms. Ouch. I am a State Farm customer, and will be calling them tomorrow about this.

The final aspect of this is that James noted that if he’d had a silencer for them to steal, the ATF would’ve had to get involved, and this might up his chances of getting the perps caught. Yet another reason to have an NFA item or two in the safe. He has clear video of the deed, and I’m betting that if the feds were on this his odds of getting his stuff back would be a lot better than they are with local PD.

Anyway, here’s the tale of woe below. Check out that list of what was stolen. Quite a collection.

As of right now… I literally am not a gun owner other then what I have in my room at work. Brother noticed my Ducati was missing from the parking garage. Contacted me, and went up stairs to my apartment and found it ransacked

Weird they didn’t take the Xbox or 4k TV, but they opened my safe with no signs of forced entry, and gutted it. Armour, my Airframe, Optics, Pistols, range finder that is no long being fucking made, Rifles… all gone. Years and thousands of dollars in equipment and firearms, poof.

Fucking Crushed… and if I ever find out who did it, they are going to become comfortable with a metal chair, cold water, jumper cables, and a car battery.

Still waiting on footage of the rest, but that is the dude who appears both nights. From what the footage shows, its two females and this turball. First night they case it and tamper with locks on the second floor. Third night they finish the job and make off with my whole safe contents. First night was a different women than who ransacked my apartment.

Still waiting on more footage.
What was stolen-
Mausingfield Custom Rifle
SN#- M5A3-00016
NF BEAST, Black 5-25
26 inch Barrel, 6.5 Creedmoor
*Distinctive Feature; Carbon Wrapped Barrel
Larue OBR, 7.62
Mk6 3-18x
Serial- LT00172
LWRC Lower, Bravo Company USA Upper (BCM)
AR-15, 16 inch barrel
Aimpoint T1
Larue T1 Mount
Scout 600A
Magpul Rear, DD Fixed Front
Giessele Mk4 Tan 13 inch Rail
Giessele SSA-E Trigger
Painted; Kryon Tan
Rainer Defense AR-15; SN# RA3218
13.7 Barrel with Pinned FH
Aimpoint T1
DD T1 Mount
Giessele Mk4, Black, 13 inch Rail
ALG Trigger
X300U Weapon Light
Magpul Pro Gun Sights
x1 Glock 17, Fiber optic sights, Textured Grip, flared mag well
x1 Glock 17, Giber Optic Sights, KKM Match Barrel, Textured Grip
1x Glock 43
1x Glock 19
1x Glock 34
1x CZ Shadow 9mm
1x CZ 75 SP01 9mm
1x CZ P-09 9mm
1x Essex 1911, .45
Aimpoint T1
Trijicon RMR06
Terrapin Vectronix Range Finder
Mk6 Leupold 3-18 H58
NF BEAST 5-25 H59
10 OEM Glock Magazines
3 Magpul Glock Magazines
15 Magpul 30 Round Pmags
Misc Accessories-
x2 Surefire X300U’s Pistol Lights
x1 Unity Glock 17 Slide
Crye JPC
SAPI Plates w/ Crye Dyneema Soft Armor Backers
Crye Airframe
2014 Ducati Monster 1200S, with Termi Slip ons and NRC blinkers.

Our prayers are with Mr. James; if you’re a member of that forum and there’s anything you can do, please reach out to him.

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