Video: Again, Forget Crossbows for TSHTF


Video: Again, Forget Crossbows for TSHTF

The general unsuitability of the crossbow as a SHTF weapon has been a running theme on this site since it started. Like every other right-thinking person, we love and revere The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon, but the only weapon choice of his that’s worth emulating is his knife: a Team Gemini Light Brigade from Busse Combat. The crossbow, not so much.

There’s a video floating around that purports to illustrate just how poor a choice a crossbow is as a man-killer. Of course, this video is only relevant to Taiwanese crossbows with an 80lb draw, but I still post it because I know that there’s more than one Daryl-wannabe out there who has sprung for one of these toys with the fantasy of scoring a silent kill on a post-apocalyptic raider. If you’re one of these people, consider this a PSA from us to you.

If you must add a crossbow to your SHTF arsenal, at least get a real one. That way, when the SHTF I can buy it off the raider who killed you with his AK and use it to hunt deer.

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