Build a Minimalist SHTF Cook Kit


Build a Minimalist SHTF Cook Kit

If you had to “throw” together a quick, down-and-dirty, and out-the-door SHTF cook kit, what would you put into it? I am talking bare minimum here to get you by in the very short haul. This may mean just a day or two in travel from your primary home to a Bug Out location or perhaps maybe even an in-between stop or two on the side of the road or a rest area.

Again, get the focus here. Nothing here about fire, how to cook, what to cook, food, seasonings, or anything else. Sure you will want those, including eating utensils, but that goes in another bag or kit. This is simply gear to cook the most basic food that is not freeze-dried or in a bag, but you would like something a little more than cold beans out of a can.

Start with the main cooking pots and pans. You likely only will need one fry pan of some kind. Make it a lightweight pan with a Teflon® coating to make clean up easy. I think a 12-15 incher will do. This can heat, cook, or fry easy stuff like canned meats, loafs, or pieces of meat like sausage, bacon, ham, hamburger, or meat slices.

Add to the fry pan one or two small sauce pans. Lids are optional, but if you can nest them together, then an aluminum set is not much weight. Be sure to use the empty space in these pans to store other stuff to make good use of the empty volume inside the pans. Add a hot pad or two.

Cooking utensil wise, think about what it takes you to cook dinner each night. Start with a good sharp knife (could double as a hunting knife) and maybe one butter type knife to aid cooking, spreading things, etc. You’ll need at least one good large size cooking spoon and maybe a slotted one if you feel in a real chef mood. A turning fork and a spatula are always handy, too.

Now what else to toss in the bag or box? Don’t forget a can opener unless you have planned ahead to buy only cans with pull tops (a really smart idea). This minimal set ought to get you by in a tight pinch or later until a full camp or Bug Out is set up.

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