Anti-Gunners Urge Citizens to Call 911 and SWAT Lawful Carriers


Anti-Gunners Urge Citizens to Call 911 and SWAT Lawful Carriers

Bob Owens over at Bearing Arms has a doozy with this story of a gun control group’s call for anyone and everyone to dial 911 and report an “active shooter” if they spot a gun openly carried or concealed in public.

This is nuts.

Forget for a moment about the fact that what they advocate is illegal. Do these hysterical goons have any thought for the lives they’ll endanger with this behavior? They want to put a whole area on lockdown with guns and SWAT teams to make a political point? Really?

Even by anti-gunner standards, the logic escapes me. It seems to be something like, “I am hysterically afraid of firearms because they are unsafe, so when I see a gun my plan is to call 911 and have the police flood the zone–with more guns!”

Maybe the logic goes that if there are enough of these SWATing incidents, then the public will be miffed enough to repeal the open and concealed carry laws that are gaining traction around the country.

I think the opposite will happen, and that the anti-gun crowd will only succeed in, er, shooting itself in the foot. Who is the public going to blame if someone get shot in one of these incidents? The cowboy who peacefully open carried into Wal-Mart, or the nutjob who called 911 to report an active shooter in the hardware aisle and caused an innocent third party to get gunned down because they were holding a vaguely gun-shaped object in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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