Accused Lion Hunter Jan Seski Saved my Friend’s Mom


Accused Lion Hunter Jan Seski Saved my Friend’s Mom

It’s hard to believe I’m about to dip my toe into the toaster-filled bathtub of stories related to “Cecil the lion,” but here goes.

Let me start by saying that I neither support nor demonize the dentist who slew the lion, which social media instantly idolized. Because I (and all of those Cecil-adorers) do not know the facts of the case, we have no right to postulate.

In fact, I have been avoiding reading about Cecil et al for exactly that reason.

But then, surprisingly, things became just a little bit personal. It happened this morning, when a friend of mine told me a story. The story has nothing to do with Cecil nor his dentist assassin, but instead touches on Dr. Jan Seski, a gynecological oncologist from Pennsylvania, USA. Doctor Seski has recently been reportedly accused of illegally slaying a lion in Zimbabwe in April, 2015.

Apparently, Dr. Seski is a hunter who has taken numerous big game animals in the USA and abroad.

My friend’s tale, edited only for privacy, follows.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit in the wake of the “Cecil and friends” saga. I’m sharing with you because I hate the social media mob mentality of what is happening to the hunters. My personal experience with Dr. Jan Seski, the second doctor accused of illegally hunting a lion in Zimbabwe, began when he saved my mother’s life 20 years ago.

My mother’s local doctor sent her to Seski because of an irregular D&C. Seski took one look at her and the lab results, and had her scheduled for an emergency hysterectomy by the end of the week. Because of his expertise, the cancer was not only discovered in time, but it was removed in such a way that chemo and radiation were not necessary.

My father had just walked out on us months earlier, and Dr. Seski compassionately guided my mom through the recovery and even gave her some gentle advice on how to break the cancer news to her rebellious teenager (me).

My children wouldn’t have a grandmother today if it hadn’t been for Dr. Seski’s quick thinking and skills. That means something to me, to our whole family!

Don’t get me wrong, I would never in a million years support an unethical killing of one of God’s majestic creatures (and I don’t know all the details of the story), but this man isn’t the evil villain the media is making him out to be… He might have hunted big game (nothing is wrong with that if done properly), but he saved my family.

God had us all in the right place at the right time. Dr. Seski really is a good man, and I’m guessing the media won’t put any of the good in the spotlight.

And there you have it.

Like my friend, I make no allegations either way about Dr. Seski’s hunting activities. But maybe this will help provide a more balanced view of him as a person.

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