US Military Is Rating TV Shows, Movies


US Military Is Rating TV Shows, Movies

There have been a series of FOIAs recently from various news orgs that have revealed the extent of the US military’s direct involvement in every aspect of Hollywood. First there was a series of documents revealing that the military has had direct input into a vast number of movies and TV shows, up to and including getting the scripts changed.

Now it has been revealed that the Army maintains an internal database of ratings of Hollywood’s products. Here are the ratings that they give to content, with one piece of content sometimes getting multiple ratings:

  • Supports Building Resiliency,
  • Supports Restoring Balance,
  • Supports Maintaining our Combat Edge,
  • Supports Adapting Our Institutions,
  • Supports Modernizing Our Force.

I’m pretty outraged at this because these ratings are all wrong! Consider the following superior set of ratings:

  • Supports realistic depictions of suppressors
  • Supports the distinction between fully automatic and semi-automatic
  • Supports realistic reload intervals in firefights
  • Supports proper trigger discipline
  • Supports the actual use of optics or sights on a gun (as opposed to a bare rail)
  • Supports proper shooting stance
  • Supports mounting scopes facing the right way

I’m sure you could add your own. (Put suggestions in the comments!)

If the Pentagon were to lean on Hollywood producers to provideĀ more accurate depictions of firearms, their proper use, and (most importantly) their limitations, it would go a long way toward helping the average journalist, who getsĀ 100 percent of his or her firearms knowledge from action movies and cop shows, to not write such idiotic anti-gun stories and editorials.

Think of the rants that we’d no longer have to read: “Gun nuts want silencers so they can kill with impunity! The AR and other fully automatic weapons were designed to put as much lead on the battlefield in as short a time as possible and should not be on our streets!”

Here’s a thought: what if we fired all of the people in the Pentagon’s domestic psyops Hollywood relations department and gave the money we saved to the VA?

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