Tenzing’s Optics Suspension System


Tenzing’s Optics Suspension System

Hunting equipment accidents do happen. Many years ago on an elk hunt in Colorado, I managed to damage a perfectly good set of Pentax binoculars. I was climbing down a pretty steep rock outcrop. As I bent over to reach below me for a rock hold, my neck strap let go and the 9x63s crashed against the rocks below me.

The crash knocked off one of the eyepieces, rendering the binoculars useless for that hunt. The rubberized covering helped protect the optics to some degree, but the housing sustained several deep gashes. The good news was the optical glass and internal mechanisms were not damaged, and the Pentax repair department put on a new eyepiece. I hate that Pentax discontinued that 9×63 size. Good thing I bought a backup before they were all gone.

Today there are inherently more and better ways to carry binoculars afield in a very secure manner. One of these better ways is to acquire an optics carry system that straps around your upper chest and behind your neck for ease of carry. I am not just talking a set of straps that just suspend the binoculars on your chest.

Tenzing is a premier manufacturer of hunting bags, packs, and other accessories that has developed an optics suspension system that includes not only a heavy duty suspension strap system, but also a protective “bag” case to hold the binoculars when hiking or stalking game, keeping the optics close at hand and at the ready.

This strap system has ergonomically designed shoulder straps that feature built-in ComfortStretch elastic to provide a secure fit that moves the weight of the binoculars from the neck to the shoulders. The strap system housing behind the neck is extra-large and well-padded for maximum comfort.

Suspended on the chest is a pocket or padded case lined with 500 Denier Nylon to insert the binoculars, keeping them from swinging freely and protecting your valued optics. Inside the pocket, binoculars are also kept clean and free of dust and debris.

The TZOSS15 offers many unique features, including side pockets on the bino case for small items like a game call or wind meter. Binoculars can be released from the strap system via Duraflex buckles that are kept quiet by the Hypalon-covering. The unit comes in the Kryptek Highlander camo pattern. Check them out at www.tenzingoutdoors.com.


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