SHTF Porta-Potty Options


SHTF Porta-Potty Options

When stuff hits the fan, what are you going to do? One of the most natural biological functions of man is to have biological functions. If you are headed out to your escape venue from a SHTF event, what preparations have you made for containment of bodily functions?

Men have it relatively easy. We can “go” virtually anywhere with a bit of privacy please, but dropping behind the nearest tree is not necessarily the most hygienic plan, especially over the long haul at a secure bug out location.

Bless their hearts, the women folk have a little more concern over modesty and expediency to deal with. It is not always convenient for women to just “drop it” anywhere. These hygienic issues are something serious that have to be dealt with from the get-go and especially for the long haul.

If your plans for a bug out include a more permanent situation such as a remote house, trailer, or other structure, then human hygiene issues can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Even the construction of an old fashioned outhouse is not out of the question. Neither is the acquisition of a construction site porta-potty either. In fact that might be a really good option regardless of the chosen bug out location.

However, if your bug out locale will be a more or less temporary site, then you need the option to handle personal hygiene issues in a more flexible manner. This could mean the use of a temporary type camping toilet “facility.”

During a walk through a large Bass Pro Shops store recently, my attention was turned to the camping area in search of potential solutions to temporary bug out situations. To say the least, the new products on the market today far exceed the types of gear that was available when my parents camped back in the 1960s.

With products such as the Portable Toilet, Luggable Loo, Hassock Portable Toilet, and the Go Anywhere outdoor facility, there are plenty of options for preppers having to rough camp it out in the boonies somewhere. Just locate a “go-to” site away from the camp, throw up an overhead tarp and an enclosure wall, and you’re good to go, so to speak.

Personal hygiene is a prepper necessity. Having a “go-to” site is critical. So, shop around and investigate the options.

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