Video: Hog Speared With a GoPro Strapped to the Spear


Video: Hog Speared With a GoPro Strapped to the Spear

Spoiler alert…

I’m a seasoned hunter with more than three decades under my belt, but I feel I should warn you: This graphic video isn’t easy to watch. It shows an animal being impaled, thrashing, bawling, and finally dying.

In this bloody, noisy video, a man records footage of a crowd of hogs feeding on bait placed literally at the base of his ladder stand. After a while, he flings–or perhaps, simply drops–a spear with a GoPro camera attached.

The spear hits a hog, which falls over as it should. But then it begins the bawling, slow-dying thrash-fest that most hog hunters have witnessed before.

Helpful hint: The good stuff begins just after the two-minute mark. Oh, and turn down the volume. You’re welcome.

The GoPro footage is impressive, and even better when the pig tosses dirt all over the camera lens after the spear comes out. That part couldn’t have been planned any better than it happened.

After the porker throws the spear, it keeps thrashing and squealing as it lies on the ground. To me, this is when a hunter should climb down, get over there, and finish that hog swiftly. That doesn’t happen here.

At 3:28, the hunter throws another spear, in an attempt to finish the swine, but he clearly misses. A short segue later, the spear has magically been relocated into the hog. Hmmm.

Clearly, someone on the ground pulled the spear and stabbed it into the pig’s ribs. Yet we hear the spear thrower’s exultation: “Aw man, I got him.”


Afterward, there is a mysterious passage of time. There seems to be plenty of daylight when the kill takes place, but it’s dark when the “hunter” finally hunkers by his quarry. Around 3:53, he starts talking.

“I finally stuck one with my spear and my GoPro.”

He later adds, “Give us a call. You could be doin’ this yourself.”

Yeah, I don’t think I will. I crave cleaner kills, myself.

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