Remington Tweet Takes a Swipe at Hillary


Remington Tweet Takes a Swipe at Hillary

It’s no mystery that Hillary Clinton often acts as if she is above the law, and when accused will follow her hubby’s example of playing dumb. And when asked pointed questions, her responses (“What difference does it make?”) fall flat and fail to inspire confidence.

But one of her recent snarky comments was actually inspiring–to one person.

I don’t want to dig into too much political dirt here, but we need some context: Hillary, upon being asked at a press conference if she had “wiped” her computer server clean, made this genius reply: “Like with a cloth or something?”

It was a dumb joke that fell flat, but whoever tweets for Remington’s Twitter feed was inspired to post a picture of Rem Oil Wipes, with this quip: “Works on firearms, not email servers. In stores now. #clean #fun”

Remington's tweet poked fun at Hillary Clinton.
Remington’s tweet poked fun at Hillary Clinton.

My hat is off to you, o Tweeter for Remington.

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