Video: Wooden Desert Eagle Pistol with Mag and Cartridges


Video: Wooden Desert Eagle Pistol with Mag and Cartridges

Okay, this is pretty cool.

This guy made a wooden sorta-kinda replica of a Desert Eagle pistol–and he made it work.

It has a wooden magazine that works, wooden dummy cartridges that cycle through the gun and eject when you pull the trigger, and plenty of detail.

The video shows the magazine being loaded with “cartridges,” the mag inserted into the gun, and the gun “firing” and ejecting each cartridge as it does. But that’s not all. It shows details of the way the gun is made. Shots of the handgun being “fired” are interspersed with video of small parts as they are made and installed into the magazine and gun.

And it’s all powered by rubber bands. Magazine, slide, you name it. The fact that the slide can be pulled forward AND backwards by rubber bands is a little bit mind-blowing.

Very creative. I also liked the tiny surprise visitor who shows up late in the video.

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