SHTF Gun Protection: The Case for the Soft Case


SHTF Gun Protection: The Case for the Soft Case

When and if the next SHTF occurs, a prepper’s top priority besides food and water is going to be security. Top on that list of concerns is the protection and safety of your survival weapons. Trust me, during the hustle and bustle of a bug out or temporary relocation, every piece of gear you haul with you is going to be subject to abuse, damage, and extra wear and tear. It is important to plan in advance to have protective cases to secure and guard your firearms.

As you head out the door in response to a news call on the radio to evacuate your neighborhood due to an approaching cataclysmic storm or a serious social breakdown event in the downtown area, among the bug out bags you want to grab for the vehicle are your immediate need gun cases. What will you grab?

Gun cases come in all types, kinds, materials, sizes, and abilities to protect what is inside them. Basically they come in two general categories: soft cases, or hard cases. There are many pluses and minuses to each type. You have to decide what works best for you.

The main function of a gun case for either a handgun or a long gun is to keep the gun, ammo, and magazines together in one place, but protected from the elements when not in use. It is important to keep your SHTF security weapons as clean, dust free, dry, and safe as possible so they are ready to work when needed.

Soft cases provide good protection from knocks and bumps. Use care in the selection of the inside material of the case. Fleece type case interiors tend to attract and hold moisture, causing quick rusting of gun metals. An insulated, soft cushion case with a quick dry nylon interior and exterior is best. Choose a case with a strong zipper as well with or without outside pockets.

Hard cases provide great protection but can be more difficult to pack and cumbersome to use. Quick access from inside a vehicle can be a challenge, too. Hard case snap closures can be noisy if you need to be clandestine in your movements. These cases can be padlocked and hidden in the brush at the bug out locale if necessary.

SHTF weapons protection is a must. Choose your gun cases wisely, but be sure to have them. As you can tell from the above, we recommend soft cases for a bug-out situation, but if your experience argues otherwise please share in the comments.

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