Bug in Security: What’s Your Plan?


Bug in Security: What’s Your Plan?

You are sitting in your favorite recliner after dinner at the end of a day of work that stressed you out mentally and wore you out physically. All you need is a quickie thirty minute nap to revive you for some work you need to finish in the yard. Before you doze off, you click on the nightly news only be informed that the SHTF has finally hit.

A riot has broken out in a nearby shopping center after a mob swamped a big box store for some electronics sale. Two people were shot and several were injured from a crowd stampede. Now the rioters have moved to burning cars in the parking lot and are moving down the street breaking into other businesses, looting, and setting them on fire.

The police have been thwarted by the thugs that are more heavily armed and grossly outnumber the law enforcement on hand. An overhead helicopter camera report shows the advancing crowd of bandits is only blocks away from your neighborhood. What do you do now?

Had you devised and been working on a bug-in┬áplan, then you could execute that immediately. Here’s what a plan might look like. First get your family together and move on the plan. You totally lock down the house, including lowering the metal window shutters and double bolting all the steel reinforced entry ways. You plug the tubs and start filling them with water. You move extra supplies of water and food plus other SHTF gear storage containers from the garage into the hallway.

You bolt lock the garage door and disconnect the electric opener. You lower the lights to a bare minimum. You turn on the emergency radio but keep the television on low volume to monitor ongoing news.

You open the gun safe and pull the necessary weapons, handguns, rifles, and shotguns. You grab ammo pouches, ammo cans, and security vests. You place some appropriate guns and ammo at strategic places throughout the house along with flashlights and candles.

Now is all you can do is still to wait it out? Maybe with your house dimmed down, quiet, and looking vacated, any thugs will pass by. If not, you stand ready to defend your position, hope the power stays on, and pray the event does not last long term. What will you do?

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