Catch Surf Fish in Falling Tides, Turbid Water


Catch Surf Fish in Falling Tides, Turbid Water

Although prime surf fishing tides vary from area to area, in many regions the entire flood tide and the first two hours of a falling tide are prime.

Many veteran surf fishermen also believe the rougher the surf, the better the fishing for some species like red drum, striped bass, and bluefish. One of the best conditions is to have waves from wind crashing into a bar from one direction, while current is pushing against the bar or beach from another direction. The turbid water in such a spot tosses around baitfish and invariably draws heavyweight gamefish.

The best place to fish a bait near a surf sandbar is where the whitewater curls and breaks. It’s not necessary to wade very deep to work these kinds of places. In fact, the biggest mistake many surf anglers make is they wade out too far, then cast to water much too deep. You don’t have to be a long-distance caster to catch surf sportfish. Schools of 15-pound sportfish commonly herd bait in water only 18 inches deep–surf so shallow their backs stick out of the water. In truth, many of the biggest fish caught in the surf are taken in water less than five feet deep.

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