Magnetic Buckshot in Flight (Video)


Magnetic Buckshot in Flight (Video)

It’s been a good while since we posted a video about shooting magnets from a shotgun shell, and this one seems just as interesting – if not more so.

Here’s a guy loading magnetic round balls into shotgun shells, in two configurations, and shooting them.

He arranges some of them into a hollow cylinder–almost like a tube–and others into a solid cylinder. And then they’re fired at stuff.

The stuff includes a watermelon, a block of clay, hard drives, and a vehicle door.

My favorite was watching the slow-motion video in which some strings of shot hit the clay, causing dramatic “wound channels.” I like that.

It’s rivaled, though, by a nice ring of spherical magnets flying through the air with the greatest of ease – and leaving an impressive mark on the steel door.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end. He says “the end” about halfway through, but only to tell critics of his low-rez slo-mo to buzz off.

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