Preparedness Reminder: Take Your Time and Do it Right


Preparedness Reminder: Take Your Time and Do it Right

Forty-eight hours before Katrina hit landfall, the highways leading away from the Gulf Coast were choked with cars, trucks, RVs, and anything on wheels escaping north. Many of those people trying to evade the coming disaster had nothing more with them than the clothes on their backs.

People arrived in the city near my residence with no food, no water, no gasoline, no motel room, no money, and nowhere else to go. They piled into a civic center downtown much like the mayhem at the Superdome in New Orleans. They came with hands out looking for Uncle, local civic governments and churches to bail them out. And they did.

The reality here is: should we all not be preparing for a SHTF event like this with some level of preparation, rather than just winging it and relying on the good nature of others to take care of us? Are we to just grab a few bottles of water, a jacket, and the pill box, or should we really sit down and draw up a plan, supply list, and escape routine and be ready just in case?

I think you know the answer. There is more to survival prepping than just buying a cute Disney character backpack, a $5 med kit, a cheap sleeping bag, a plastic tarp, and a case of Spam. I mean there are whole books, dozens of them on the subject. Maybe you should get one.

Same deal with survival prepping on the security, self-defense, property defense, and the applications of weapons in the process. These things take time to initiate, organize, and train with. Please don’t just buy a pump shotgun or pistol, load them, and put them away, especially propped up in the corner of the bedroom. Do it right or don’t do it.

If or when the next SHTF hits, it is your responsibility to care for yourself and your immediate family. You should not rely on others. Plan now, gear up, and be ready.

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