Grappling Over the Grid: No Camping on Your Own Land? (Video)


Grappling Over the Grid: No Camping on Your Own Land? (Video)

Costilla County, Colorado – In an area of Colorado that has reportedly become a haven for nonconformists who prefer to live “off the grid,” the government is making changes to kill that last little bit of remaining independence.

Hundreds of folks have purchased affordable land and moved to the area in order to live relatively free of government regulations, as independently as may be possible in modern America. And while building their homes, many need to camp on their land.

Sadly, the county requires a permit for those who wish to “camp” on their own land. This, in my opinion, is a terrible thing. But worse than that, they have reportedly now begun to refuse camping permits to land owners, and without them, camping is a no-no.

Without a 90-day permit, camping on residential plots is only allowed for 14 days per every three months.

Those who wish to build an off-grid home also feel threatened by proposed changes to county rules, which would require residents to have approved water, sewer, and electricity on their property before they can even get a building permit.

Pretty sad, overall. What would the USA’s Founders think? I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t approve. Independence should be anyone’s option; nobody should be forced into comformity, especially if they are not hurting anyone.

The video below is of a Colorado man who has had a rough time and is willing to tell us all about it. He has been denied a Costilla County building permit for his own land.

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