“Assault Weapons” Ban and the Supreme Court


“Assault Weapons” Ban and the Supreme Court

Reportedly, we should hear very soon whether the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a case challenging a ban on common rifles, erroneously labeled “assault weapons.”

The law in question is in a Chicago suburb called Highland Park and “bans the sale, purchase, or possession of semi-automatic weapons that can hold more than 10 rounds in a single ammunition clip or magazine… The ban also lists certain specific rifles, including those resembling the AR-15 and AK-47 assault-style firearms.”

We all know the story. “Let’s pretend to make the world safer by creating laws banning scary stuff.”

Proponents of such bans conveniently forget that criminals don’t obey ANY laws, including bans on guns, magazines, ammunition, etc.

The Highlands Park ban has been upheld by a federal district judge and a federal appeals court panel.

The pro-freedom side will likely point to the 2008 Supreme Court ruling in favor of individual gun rights, although they naturally included a condition (they said “dangerous and unusual weapons” could be outlawed). This is to be expected: as part of the government, it is natural for them to protect the government’s interest.

At any rate, if the Supreme Court hears the case and if they rule correctly (to strike down the ban), that would be excellent news for America, as it would weaken similar bans in numerous states and cities across the USA.

Here’s hoping they do it right!

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