The Ruger LC9 Trade-In Promotion


The Ruger LC9 Trade-In Promotion

So you have a Ruger LC9 with a hammer, and wish you had a newer, striker-fired model?

Naturally, you could always head to the gun shop and trade in your old one, along with some cash moneys, for a new one.

Ruger suggests that you do that–and if you do it quickly, they’ll slip you a hundred bucks. Sort of.

To be clear, you don’t get to just swap your hammer-fired LC9 for a new one, even-steven. That’s not the deal.

We believe that you’ll love the new striker-fired LC9s® so much that we’re making it easier than ever to get your hands on a new one – especially if you’re a loyal Ruger® LC9® owner! Just visit your local independent retailer of Ruger® firearms and negotiate your best deal on the trade-in of your old LC9®. Then purchase a new LC9s® and we will give you a $100 gift certificate for

You’ll have to make the deal before December 31, 2015 if you want the gift certificate. If you’re interested, you’ll want to check out the rules.

After you do the deal, go here to generate a redemption. You’ll need the gun store’s name and address, the serial numbers of both guns, and the date of the sale.

You will also need proof of sale:

Valid proof of sale / trade-in must be in the form of a photo or scanned image (in JPEG format) of the federally licensed retailer’s sales receipt that includes the following information: retailer’s name, sales date, newly purchased LC9s® serial number and traded-in LC9® serial number. Proof of Trade-In can be on a separate uploaded document but must include retailer’s name, trade-in date and traded-in LC9® serial number. Images must be clear and legible for consideration.

To learn more, check out their FAQ page.

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