Deer Hot Spot: Prominent Field Point


Deer Hot Spot: Prominent Field Point

I don’t know what it is about timber points that extend well out into a field, but deer seem to love them. While some hunters opt to hunt such points at the tip, it’s usually better to hunt such spots near their base, well inside the woods. This is a general rule, however, and you’ve got to let deer sign, wind direction, and availability of good stand trees dictate where your whitetail ambush will be made.

Deer often circle a field, particularly bucks, well before they step out into the open to feed. This is one important reason to set a stand near a timber point base rather than the tip.

Sometimes deer trails and sign show animals are entering a field near the base of a point, but in the corner. If this is the case, a stand placed so a hunter can cover deer stepping out into the corner, as well as watch trails heading out onto the point, is a good move.

If the timber point is narrow, say 50 or 60 yards, set your stand in the middle of the point (so both corners next to the point can be watched) as well as trails in the middle of the point. Watch the wind, however, which always dictates stand location in such a place. It must blow your scent out into the field, away from timber where deer approach from.

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