Muggers Shot by CCer While Celebrating Loot They Just Stole From Him


Muggers Shot by CCer While Celebrating Loot They Just Stole From Him

Detroit, MI – A young man who had just been mugged and threatened with death reportedly managed to draw his gun and fire at his assailants while they were gloating over the money they’d just stolen from him.

While waiting for the bus, the 23-year-old concealed carrier–who had only been licensed to carry for a couple of weeks–was confronted by three teens while he waited for the bus after work.

One of the crooks pulled a gun and threatened to kill him. Helpless, the victim was forced to remain still while one of the robbers reached into his pocket and took $220 from him.

This was apparently quite a thrill for the baddies, who became distracted while they whooped it up over their newfound wealth.

Taking advantage of this, our hero drew his handgun and fired at the thieves. He hit one in the chest and another in the leg. Another ran away unscathed.

The shooter was unwilling to speak out for fear of retaliation. His brother Tremaine told the tale to reporters.

‘We are glad that he didn’t lose his life and he protected himself,’ said Tremaine. ‘He was in fear of his life…’

The victim called police, who tracked down the two wounded crooks at a hospital just across the street from the crime scene. Although they claimed to have been victims of armed robbers, police saw through their lies.

One of them confessed and, says the article, “further evidence was found on their Facebook pages.”

Sometimes, bad guys ain’t too smart.

I sure am glad the good guy had a gun this time.

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