Cajun Restaurant Robbed, Owner Offers Discount to CCers


Cajun Restaurant Robbed, Owner Offers Discount to CCers

Indianapolis, IN – Cajun restaurant Papa Roux was reportedly robbed a few days ago, and the owner’s response was so logical that it’s newsworthy: He began offering a 25% discount to customers who possess a concealed-carry license.

It wasn’t long after the Saturday night robbery that Papa Roux owner Art Bouvier announced the discount plan via facebook:

If thugs are going to come in and threaten OUR extended family with guns, you’d better believe I will use every trick I know to protect (our family).

Another article provided this quote:

‘I just want the criminals to wonder whether customers have a gun,’ owner Art Bouvier said. ‘I don’t want a shootout but I also don’t want people coming in here thinking I have given them leverage over my employees and customers.’

I can’t think of a better solution than this. Anyone who considers robbing Papa Roux again will have to wonder whether or not he’s about to be looking down the barrels of some law-abiding citizens’ guns.

Heck, if I was a crook I’d certainly look elsewhere.

Nobody was injured in the robbery, during which the miscreant didn’t even show a gun, though he claimed to have one. Most people didn’t even know the crime was happening until it was over.

‘My crew needs to be commended for how they handled the situation,’ Bouvier said Sunday. ‘They were completely professional — no one even knew what was going on until (the robber) left.’
‘I’ve told my employees that money is replaceable, your lives are not,’ Bouvier said. ‘Everyone is a little shaken up today; my manager can’t shake the feeling of helplessness, but I don’t want her to fear this happening again.’

This is the first time the business owner, who is an advocate of gun rights, has connected firearms with his business. He says his new policy is simple:

‘We’re not saying, “Show us your gun.” But if you’re a legal and stable carrier of a (handgun license), I’m going to reward that. To me, it’s common sense. And until further notice, you’ll get 25 percent off your bill.’

Sweet! Suddenly I wants me some cajun food.

Some formerly loyal customers have said they’re going to avoid the restaurant due to its new policy. As Bouvier said, “[T]hat’s a little disheartening. But it’s minuscule compared to the overwhelming support.”

He also added this:

It’s a shame that some people feel they need to stay away. They’ll go out to eat with the possibility that a criminal will bring a gun in, but they’ll stay away if they think customers might be carrying. That’s weird to me.

It’s weird to me too, Mr. Bouvier, but antis always do defy logic.

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