What is so Great About Magpul?


What is so Great About Magpul?

If you are an AR shooter, then you probably are very familiar with the AR accessory designer and manufacturer Magpul, or actually Magpul Industries Corporation. Though perhaps an odd name for a company dedicated to producing a comprehensive product line of goodies for customizing your AR platform rifle, the name really comes from one of their foundational products.

A “magpul” then is what got it all started with a rubberized slip-on magazine attachment that facilitates a “grab” via a loop finger hold to quickly pull an AR magazine from the rifle mag well.

But as to what makes this company’s products so great, consider this. For starters, check out these adjectives or product descriptors: high quality, diverse purpose, functional, useful, tactical, strategic, innovative, targeted, unique, void filling, and just plain ole neat stuff.

That said then, if you want to remake your AR rifle into something that says “you,” then Magpul is certainly the place to start. Never mind that many of their specialized products were precisely geared toward a needy military audience with exact demands, the everyday AR shooters like survivalists, preppers, and hunters can appreciate what Magpul accessories can do for their rifles.

Where to start? Lay your AR out on the workbench or kitchen table and get a notepad. If you have a laptop or tablet to use, dial up the Magpul web site. Start from the muzzle and work your way back to the butt stock to see what accessories can be added or used to replace stock factory parts and pieces.

Up front you can find back up iron sights that fold down out of the way of an optical scope or red dot. Ditto for the rear BUIS as well. Add a vertical grip to the lower rail. As appropriate, screw down an extra 5-slot polymer rail section. Put on an angled foregrip (that now comes in two sizes) or maybe just a hand stop kit. Change out the hand guards over the barrel if you want, and pick a new color.

Magpul offers too many adjustable or fixed butt stocks to mention. Search the web site. Consider adding a flashlight, a B.A.D battery assist device, a new pistol grip, some rail covers, or just a new butt pad. Then certainly add some Magpul mags with some Magpul loops. Whatever you get, you can install it yourself and it will last forever.

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