Is the Term Tactical Over Used?


Is the Term Tactical Over Used?

Have you ever sat long enough watching television to see the same ad shown over and over during the program? That simply wears me out and does everything to turn me off about whatever product is being advertised. I don’t need to see the same drug ad, car insurance story, or movie promotion twenty times over the course of a 2-hour movie.

Now it seems I am getting the same bad attitude about the use of the term “tactical.” I mean, it is everywhere. You cannot pick up a gun, a shooting magazine, or even a hunting magazine without the term tactical being applied to everything. After doing a little research on the term, I am fairly certain it is not being applied in most cases for what the term’s meaning was intended to convey.

Dictionary wise (You remember, that book that explains the meanings of words.) the word tactical means “adroitness in maneuvering.” Adroitness? Now there’s a word we don’t see every day–or ever. It simply means skillful; adept under pressing conditions. Adept is another good word for us as a prepper, survivalist, shooter, hunter, or regardless whatever task or job we encounter or attempt to accomplish.

Maybe I’ve been too harsh on the use of the term tactical. We certainly want to be adroit and adept at our skill sets no matter what we are trying to learn or achieve. If we want to earn the concealed weapons permit, then we surely are going to have to be adept at shooting a pistol in close quarters or typical self-defense ranges. The same would be for long range rifle shooting either for big game hunting or perhaps security concerns around a bug out property. In all these things then, we want to be tactical for sure.

Well, maybe it’s just me? It seems though the over application of the term tactical implies it is some kind of secret Delta Force, Navy Seal Team proprietary hardcore military mission or something. You see it used with firearms of course, big time for optics and other accessories. But boots, knives, batons, gloves, shooting glasses, ear protection, and such. Yeah, I know, I’m just over-reacting.

Now, after belaying the subject of using the term tactical too much, let’s turn our attention to strategy. But for now, I have to get back to work on my article on the tactical strategies of prepping.

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