Drill Bit Shotgun Shells (Video)


Drill Bit Shotgun Shells (Video)

The Demolition Ranch boys are at it again, this time with drill bits in a shotgun shell. Why? Well, I guess the answer to that would be, “Why not?”

And yeah, I can think of multiple answers to that one. But why ask why?

The first shell was crammed with masonry bits, which have a very hard tip designed for drilling into concrete and such. That one was fired at a concrete block.

Next up: Very pointy, mean-looking bits for drilling holes in wood. Naturally, that shell was fired at a 2×6 board.


Then, a large number of gold-colored bits for drilling metal were shoved into a shotgun shell and fired at–what else? Lieutenant Dan.

Disappointing penetration led to a high-brass shell loaded with three large drill bits, challenging the fair Lt.

And finally, a viewer request: “Please shoot my mommy’s eye liner out of a shotgun.”



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