Home Invader Attacks Woman, Then Dies


Home Invader Attacks Woman, Then Dies

Stone Mountain, GA – As yet another example of why people need guns (readily available, loaded guns), we cite this reported incident in Georgia, where a 28-year-old man entered an apartment by force and acted violently upon a woman inside.

Thankfully, a man inside the apartment was able to quickly obtain a loaded firearm. He then confronted and shot the bad guy, who died as a result.

Imagine the horror people feel in these situations. Imagine how much worse it could have been if there hadn’t been a gun available–a loaded gun. If the gun and ammunition had been stored separately and/or locked up, the crook might still be on the loose, and those two people subjected to untold terror and pain or even killed, and their families suffering terrible loss.

We are the good guys, and we need guns, we need ammunition, and we need them both to be readily available. Because you never know when terror might appear at your own front door.

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