Avery “Quick Set” Boat Blind Ideal for Waterfowling


Most dedicated waterfowl hunters have a boat of some type, and some have learned that a portable blind that attaches to their boat is a huge benefit in duping waterfowl into shotgun range.

Makeshift boat blinds can be effective, but most are not rugged and in time lose their effectiveness. One simple solution is to use a well-built (though not cheap) commercially-made boat blind designed by experts that is made to withstand the rigors of chasing ducks in marshes, lakes, rivers, and bayous.

One of the best is the Avery “Quick Set” blind, which comes in a couple sizes to accommodate almost any duck skiff.

The beauty of the Avery blind compared to made-at-home models or other commercial styles is it’s simple, built to last, and can be set up for hunting and taken down in mere minutes.

When attached to a boat and rigged for running, the blind is very stable, rests flat atop boat gunnels, and is out of the way for common duck hunting chores (setting decoys, launching at ramps, etc.). Once a hunting site is chosen and a boat is positioned for shooting, the blind is raised in just seconds via a lightweight aluminum frame.

The Avery “Quick Set” blind has rugged camo material attached to the frame to hide hunters, who sit inside their boat enveloped by the Avery unit. The blind covers the entire boat with a pair of panels rising off the upright boat frame and tip inward to conceal shooters from overhead-flying waterfowl.

It’s a slick set-up that works fast and well and hides hunters better than any boat blind I know.

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