How to Mount a Rifle Scope


How to Mount a Rifle Scope

Mounting a telescopic sight (scope) on a rifle takes a little hands-on time. But it’s easy, fun, and not complicated, even for a novice with little experience. Once you have the scope, then purchase matching bases, mounts, and rings for the scope to connect to the rifle. A good sporting goods store will have all the right components, information, and help.

Mounting can be done at a home table or countertop, in a garage workshop, or at a local rifle range or hunt camp.

Here’s how:

1) Prepare a well-lighted place with plenty of elbow room to work. A padded surface like an old blanket or sleeping bag protects a gun and components from scratches. Lay out scope-mount parts and tools on the blanket. A little gun oil comes in handy, and a bit of “Permatex” or “Locktite” is a good idea for securing screws.



2) If the rifle is a bolt action, remove the bolt, which makes working less cumbersome. Check that scope bases fit the rifle receiver with mounting screws.


3) Apply a drop of “Permatex” to the screws, which ensures a lasting, secure fit and prevents thread rusting. Tighten scope base screws with a correct-size screw driver, but be careful not to damage any metal.


4) Fit scope mounts to bases. Be sure correct components match gun, scope, and rings.


5) A special wrench is sometimes required to tighten screws. Use “Permatex” on all screws. Do not over tighten.


6) Place scope on base mounts, and check for a non-binding fit. A touch of oil on mounts helps fitting.


7) Fit rings around the scope, and lightly connect screws. Rotate the scope a bit in the loose-fitting rings, watching for binding. If the scope binds, remove rings and adjust mounts until scope rotates without binding. This ensures proper ring scope alignment, a must for accurate shooting.


8) Position the scope so crosshairs are aligned and a good sight picture is seen by the shooter. Then slowly tighten all ring screws. Care should be taken to prevent binding.


9) A bolt-action rifle is easy to “bore sight” using a solid base for the rifle, like a blanket or sleeping bag. Simply pick a target 20 to 40 feet away, and set the rifle pointed toward it on the blanket.


10) Look down the rifle barrel and position the target dead center.


11) Now check the scope without moving the rifle, and adjust the crosshairs on the target center.


12) A final check that the “bore” is centered on the target as well as the scope, and you’re ready for sight-in shooting at the ran





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