The Comp Tac Q-Line of “Universal” Holsters at the 2016 SHOT Show


The Comp Tac Q-Line of “Universal” Holsters at the 2016 SHOT Show

The newest product from Comp Tac Victory Gear is the Q-Line of holsters. The product line is made up of three different holsters, each with four available modular shells that are designed to accommodate 80% of the most popular handguns on the market.

The three base holster types include a outside the waistband belt holster, an inside the waistband holster, and a tuckable hybrid holster.

I spoke with a Comp Tac rep at the Industry Range Day who explained that the company looked at all the dimensions of “holster fit” for the most popular pistols and was able to compute the best average measurements of things like slide width, trigger guard size and placement, control locations, etc., to come up with holsters that work well for the majority of the guns in any particular size range.

The QI holster is the all Kydex inside the waistband version that retails for $45.

The QH is the hybrid leather and Kydex tuckable inside the waistband holster with a retail price of $48.

The QB is the all Kydex outside the waistband belt holster with a retail price of $50.

As an instructor I’m especially interested in the QB belt holster as a loaner for students who do not have a suitable holster. It’s difficult to have a spare holster for every possible gun, and most generic holsters do not provide adequate retention for the range. If the four shells do accommodate most common handguns, and if the retention is as good as claimed, this will be a must-have for that purpose.

For more info watch the short video with a Comp Tac rep.

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