Cajun BBQ Duckshot Seasons Birds as You Shoot – SHOT Show 2016


Cajun BBQ Duckshot Seasons Birds as You Shoot – SHOT Show 2016

Jaye Kuchman, the same guy who flagged me down at the SHOT Show to show me his multiple-impact bullets for defense against people and drones, has a sense of humor.

The last thing he showed me during our visit was some new shotgun ammunition they’ve developed. It’s pretty much a gag gift, but it really does work.

I think we’ve all heard the jokes about shooting a bird with seasoning to give it good flavor once it’s cooked. Well, these folks got serious about it. They took steel shot, rolled it in Cajun seasoning, and loaded it up. Jaye told me he’d recently shot a duck with it, and it did the job.



Our innovative patent pending process combines over 380 grains of spice-coated eco-friendly shot and multiple savory layers of seasonings.  This novelty concept of adding seasoning to the traditional shotgun shell delivers a whole new sensation to hunting and will heighten the experience of any fowl or small game enthusiast.

We started from scratch! We developed, tested, and came up with a seasoned shot shell, and we think it is one of those outside the box ideas that will fly off your shelves. What first seemed like a comical idea is now the best new gift for your favorite hunter! A great deal of development went into this product, we didn’t just wing it… pun intended.


They’re currently being sold in 5- and 10-round boxes, priced at $19.95 and $39.90, respectively plus shipping. At that price (and as much as I miss), I don’t think I’ll be taking these shells hunting with me. But they are the real deal, and they can do the job if you can.

I didn’t find specs on their site as far as dram equivalent or velocity, but I don’t suppose many hunters will actually use them for hunting.

What’ll they think of next?

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