Is Titanium Bulletproof? (Video)


Is Titanium Bulletproof? (Video)

So… is titanium bulletproof? Let’s find out.

In this Demolition Ranch video, ol’ whats-his-name shows us a slab of the metal that was sent to him by Tactical Advantage Armory. He then proceeds to set it up and shoot at it. What could be more sensible?

He starts with two rounds from a 22 LR rimfire round from a pistol, which pretty much just splat against it. Then he moves on to what he calls “a real caliber” (hopefully tongue-in-cheek) – 9mm. Barely a dent.

44 magnum? About the same.

Then I find that he’s stolen the name of my own 45-70 (Thumper) and applied it to a Henry rifle of the same caliber. Well, a 400-grain bullet almost had no effect on the titanium. So he grabbed a 325-grain Hornady LeveRevolution round–you know, the kind with a red plastic ballistic tip. It’s faster and thus predicted to “go deeper.” But yeah, not as much effect as the 400-grainer.

Next comes a similar round from a 30-30 – 160-grain tipped bullet, rated at 2400 fps. Meh.

12 gauge, one-ounce slug? Fun! And the most impressive result so far.

7.62×39 FMJ from an AK? Nada.

Up next: 5.56 NATO, firing one of the hoodoo-ish “green tip” penetrating rounds. This did the best so far, but it’s still far from penetrating the big ol’ slab of metal.

50 BMG, presumably with a standard bullet, followed by a black tip armor piercing round from the same rifle. You’ll have to watch to see those results. They’re impressive, as the image above suggests.

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