The Urban Carry “Total Concealment Holster” (Video)


The Urban Carry “Total Concealment Holster” (Video)

As often happens, I spotted this item mixed in the hodgepodge of my Facebook feed the other day. It’s the Total Concealment Holster from Urban Carry, and it looks pretty interesting.

What you have is a leather pouch that goes inside your britches. When you need your gun, you grab a flap on your belt (it looks sort of like a belt-mounted case for glasses or something) and pull up with your non-shooting hand. The leather emerges from within, and then you snag your popper with your strong hand.

Is it perfect? Nope. You need two hands to operate it, and it will probably take you about twice as long to draw your gun as compared with carrying with the grip at least partially exposed.

Also, the leather is very stiff on these when they’re new. The video (below) says to work the leather for 20 minutes (!) to soften it up, and there’s even a disclaimer statement with a box that must be checked before you can order it on the Urban Carry website:

I Understand this is Saddle Grade Leather and will need 1-3 days to soften.

Might be a good idea for them to start using softer leather or come up with a mechanized way to break these things in before selling them.

Still, I like the looks of it and this could be great for those times when I don’t plan to wear a shirt with a tail, or I just want to tuck in my shirt. Heck, this would allow concealed carry even without a shirt.

What do you think? Any of y’all tried this or a similar style holster? Please comment below.

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