Bullet Proof, Hand Crafted… Sofa


Bullet Proof, Hand Crafted… Sofa

Have you ever seen an action movie with a shootout in a home? The good guy ducks behind the love seat and it stops 30+ bullets from the bad guy’s infinitely flame spewing machine-gun. Pure Hollywood malarkey, right?

Well, maybe not for a few entrepreneurial minds across the pond, it isn’t. Osdin Shield, a furniture company based in Glasgow, Scotland is providing ‘bullet resistant’ seating to the public. It’s a clever idea and I think it would do well in embassies and homes for those in the public eye that get frequent death threats. But Joe Average? I like it, but I’ll let the free-market figure this one out. Prices start at around $700.

Some advertising avenues to consider: For Knob Creek, supply a sofa and see how long it lasts. Or perhaps call up tactical walls and turn that stationary cover into advantageous firearm storage?

Picture a scene. A secret agent’s son is coming home from college. Goons in a black SUV pull up and start lighting up the entryway. The young man catches three rounds in the bullet proof backpack his dad gave him. He dives into the dining room and hides behind the chairs. Bullets rip the room apart, but he’s unscathed. His father shows up behind him and reaches under the cushion of the dining room chair his son was behind. He pulls out a 500 Smith and Wesson and blows the goons away.

I should write for Michael Bay…

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