Arrow vs. Windshield (Video)


Arrow vs. Windshield (Video)

Will an arrow penetrate the typical vehicle’s windshield?

The scenario: A zombie is inside of a vehicle. You want to get into the vehicle, but you’d rather kill the undead critter within before you open the door. Can you punch an arrow through the windshield to kill that grody bastard?

That’s the question this guy seeks to answer. And answer it he does, although he takes his sweet time doing so.

We begin with a leaf-crunching approach to a pickup truck. If you enjoy pointless drama and bad video of a survival bow being unfolded and strung, watch it. Otherwise, skip to 1:21.

If you just want to get right to the arrow-shooting, skip on ahead to 2:00.

He arrows the windshield with the aforementioned survival bow, plus a vertical crossbow. The results might surprise you.


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